How did my business perform

How did my business perform

We provide profit and loss data for funeral homes segregated by firm size, geographic location, cremation rate and business entity type.

We realize that regional markets impact the funeral business.

What is the average net income for a firm in my Area?


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Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

  • How long should it take to collect my Accounts Receivable?
  • What is the average cost per casket?
  • How does my average selling price per burial compare to the market?

The data we can provide will help answer these questions.

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Supplemental Info

Supplemental Info

  • Are your personnel costs too high?
  • Are you offering the right benefits?


Because of our data compiled from our 1,400 members, we can help you evaluate your personnel costs and ensure you are a competitive employer within your market.


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Key factors impacting the value of your business

Will you be able to sell your business and retire? What are the tax considerations of a sale transaction?

The Stats Book provides you some tips on improving the value of your business and identifies some key factors to be aware of when entering into a transaction.

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24 Apr 2017

Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association

 Annual Convention
April 24-26, 2017
Pocono Manor, PA 

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13 May 2017


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Drive for show & Cash flow to grow
Jacksonville, FL

May 13 -16, 2017


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16 May 2017

Ohio Funeral Directors Annual Convention


May 16-17, 2017
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